TODAY'S C.O.D. CASH PRICE (100 gallon minimum)

                  #2 Fuel Oil: $2.699                                         Kerosene (K-1): $3.099


***Your driveway must be plowed, and a path must be shoveled to your fill pipe/tank in order for us to deliver. If it is not plowed and shoveled we will not deliver.***

****Due to the extreme cold weather, we are experiencing a very high volume of calls. All of our lines are ringing constantly and we are doing our best to accommodate each and every call as soon as possible. If you get a busy signal please keep trying as we are doing our very best to accommodate all of our valued customers. If your call is answered and you are asked to hold for a moment, please stay on the line. As we do not have a music-on-hold system, the line is quiet but we will be back with you as soon as possible. If you hang up you risk the chance of not getting back through for awhile and also being asked to hold again as we take calls in the order they are received. Also due to the high volume of calls and orders coming in we are scheduling out between 3-6 days depending on your area. Any orders placed by email will be scheduled after our phone orders as we do not get them immediately, so we encourage our customers to call versus emailing in orders. Thank you.****